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Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGY007 Omiwatari

Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGY007 Omiwatari

Strap Guide written by @watchestoloveThank you Kevin!


Grand Seiko is a brand that I adore very much, the level of finishing at this price point is simply unmatched. For many years I have been looking for the perfect Grand Seiko, and this Omiwatari is as close as it gets. It has the rather rare 9R31 hand wind Spring Drive movement which allows for insane accuracy that rivals or surpasses many quartz movements. It not only moves the power reserve to the movement side for an uncluttered dial but is beautifully finished as well. I feel thickness is typically the Achilles’ heel for Grand Seiko, but I’m very happy to see the Omiwatari is housed in the curvy and slim Elegance case, measuring at 10.2mm high. Then there’s the star of the show, the Omiwatari dial, which is the Japanese term describing where the Gods walk across the ice at the frozen Lake Suwa. It is a brand new ice themed dial after the famous Snowflake, and it is such a treat to explore the subtle textures on the dial. The proportions of the Omiwatari would suggest a dress watch, but as we will see it can be dressed up or down very nicely!

Matte Navy Alligator Signature (Curved)

I would say this is the typical dress watch combo, and it fits like a glove with the Omiwatari design ethos. I generally dislike black gator straps, they are boring and too formal outside of a suit and tie situation. This navy blue keeps the watch dressy but also adds some character to it. Also since the Elegance case has rather short lugs, I thought the curved spring bars would provide a more integrated look.

Tapestry Grey Ostrich Signature

This taupe color reduces the dressy nature of the strap, allowing it to shine with a less dressy outfit but still giving off a sophisticated look. Note it is padded, and it works really well with the curvy case. I absolutely love the pattern of the ostrich leather as I find it to be a more exotic alternative to alligator and highly recommend anyone on the fence to try it!

Light Grey Epsom Slim

This Epsom strap nicely dresses down the Omiwatari, thanks to the white stitching and light grey color. It provides a refreshing look in my opinion, and even my wife complimented this combo. I have a ton of grey and blue casual clothes, so this pairs well with basically any outfit I have. This is perhaps the number one in versatility out of all the straps in this guide.

Grey Saffiano Stitchless

Saffiano leather has a classic elegant look to it, and has quite excellent scratch resistance, allowing it to live up to the rigors of everyday life. It is stitchless and therefore dressier, suitable for a business casual look. This grey Saffiano strap has some brown undertones, and the cross hatching texture provides strong contrast to the light icy blue dial.

Navy Pueblo Slim

This is the most casual strap of the bunch, and surprisingly I really love wearing this combo. Omiwatari just can’t go wrong with blue straps, and the light scratches give it a jeans denim look. It is as soft as the Epsom leather and offers superb comfort on the wrist. It goes very well with jeans and casual daily attire.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Grand Seiko SBGY007 Omiwatari
  • Case Size: 38.5mm
  • Thickness: 10.2mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 43.7mm
  • Lug Width: 19mm

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