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Strap Guide: Breguet Day Date 3330

Strap Guide: Breguet Day Date 3330

Strap Guide written by @homieliuThank you Haoming!


I like classic things, but I enjoy classic things with a twist of personalization. That’s why I always enjoy changing straps for a traditional, classic timepiece, to make it my own, yet still stay classic.

The Breguet Classique line is always considered as a gentlemen’s pure dress watch, and I actually see them only with black or brown alligator straps most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, it might be the ‘right’ way to wear it, but I think it can definitely be dressed down, with different types of straps. 

For this strap guide, I’m featuring my newly acquired Breguet Classique ref,3330, a yellow gold case watch with a silver guilloche dial, typical Breguet style. For your reference, ref.3330 is measured in 36mm, with a lug width of 18mm. Although it is equipped with screw spring bars, you can still use quick release spring bars if you like to change strap daily like me. Another thing that worth mentioning is that the OEM folding clasp is in 16mm, so 18-16 straps are perfectly fine if you want to switch to OEM folding clasp.

Light Grey Epsom Slim Strap

One of the best sellers from Delugs, and probably the most popular leather straps in the watch community ATM, is the grey Epsom. It goes with everything, I actually tried it on my other watches. Although its grey, it does have a hint of blue in it, which goes well with the blue moon phase indicator, and the famous blue Breguet-hands.

Brown Buttero Slim Strap

I often wear brown shoes, and I like matching my watch strap with my shoes. So it’s a no brainer for me to try the brown Buttero strap. Actually, this is the first time I try Buttero strap, and I enjoyed it. The brown works well with yellow gold case, and makes the watch look more vintage. Plus, I get to pair it with my brown shoes! 

Natural Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

Shell Cordovan leather is one of its own, it has the calfskin kind of smooth texture, but it also has a very shiny, very glossy surface that I don’t see on any calfskin. I choose the natural color because I like wearing light-colored straps, especially at summer time. I also like the fact that Shell Cordovan will patina while wearing, and I’m keen to see how this light-colored will look like a year later.

Taupe Saffiano Stitchless Strap

Saffiano is one of my favorite leather for watch straps, especially for Breguet watches. Why? Because Saffiano has the similar pattern with a Clous De Paris guilloche dial, which Breguet is famous for. This is also the first time I am trying a stitchless strap. Like Delugs said, the stitchless design makes me focus more on the pattern of the strap, and it looks perfectly consistent on 3330. It’s also worth mentioning that the Saffiano strap is very thin, which makes it perfect to pair with Breguet watch with coin-edge case (a thick strap may get rubbed by the case).

Colibri Chevre Slim Strap

Now we move to the last one, and what a surprise! The last four straps all work effortlessly and perfectly with my Breguet, and I already knew it before I ordered them. But I really want to try something fun, something you won’t expect to see it coming, something that will be polarized or controversial, so I went for this baby-blue color Chevre strap. And I absolutely love how it looks with the 3330! It makes the ultimate dress watch look like a Miami beach kind of watch, and it paired perfectly with linen white shirt! I had doubt if the baby-blue color would work with a yellow gold watch, but apparently, I worried too much. If this strap works well with my Breguet, it literally works with anything. And I highly recommend you to try this strap if you still have doubt.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Breguet Day Date 3330
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 43mm
  • Lug Width: 18mm

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