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Strap Guide: Baltic MR01 Salmon

Strap Guide: Baltic MR01 Salmon

Strap Guide written by @wrists.and.wallsThank you Julian!


As fellow watch enthusiasts know all too well, the strap can make or break the look of our watches. But more importantly it’s also the go-to way to add a new look, increase versatility or rekindle the love we have for a timepiece.

In my opinion, the MR01 by Baltic Watches is a great example of this. The watch plays mostly in dress watch territory but, depending on how it is worn, can easily give off a modern or playful vibe.  However, the OEM strap is quite frankly the weakest part of an otherwise stunningly beautiful watch and I changed it immediately upon arrival.

With the upcoming drop of the long awaited second batch of the MR01 I can imagine a lot of you will do the same thing, so I tried to show a variety of possible combinations that range from classic looks to a less formal approach, picking up the broad versatility the watch has to offer. 

Sapin Chevre Slim

Green was among the options you could choose from when buying the MR01 – and rightfully so. It delivers a great complementary color to the salmon dial, so going green was a must. The hue is very supple without being too bold and the Chevre grain adds some depth to the strap. Hits the sweet spot between classy and sporty.  

Navy Saffiano Stitchless

When I first got into straps and the different kinds of leathers, I remember thinking how easy it must be to ruin the detailed grain of a Saffiano strap. Boy was I wrong. Even though it looks very refined and elegant, it’s a very sturdy and resistant leather that can take a beating – all while dressing up everything you pair it with. Every dress watch needs a Saffiano. Especially the stitchless kind, so nothing is distracting from the rich texture.

Pastel Blue Nubuck

The summer choice. The leisure pick. Name it as you will, this is probably the strap that transforms the MR01 the most. As soon as the sky blue comes on, the watch gives off a whole different vibe. Instead of being formal you suddenly feel like linen shirts, swim trunks and a poolside cocktail. On top of that, the leather feels incredibly soft and is one of the most comfortable straps I’ve worn. You’re not supposed to have a favorite kid, so let’s just say this has been the most worn option so far, especially when the sun is out. Game Changer!

Matte Navy Alligator Signature

The MR01 is, after all, a dress watch and it’s going to be difficult to find a dressier strap than alligator. The pattern is probably the most recognizable and the leather offers a much better haptic than its cheaper counterparts, in which the texture is mostly embossed into the strap. While being sophisticated enough for a suit, the navy blue helps avoiding a too formal or antiquated look and corresponds well with the watch.

Gold Barenia Signature

This being the only strap I chose with a (somewhat) brown hue, you might call it the outsider of the bunch. However, the Gold Barenia surprised me the most. I considered this to be a very classic strap, made from one of the most renowned leathers out there (looking at you, Hermès). It has great patina potential, feels very soft and high-grade. The texture is subtle, making the leather look smooth at first glance. A recipe for a great but not necessarily exciting strap. Yet it looks absolutely stunning on the Baltic. Especially with the signature padding the Barenia strap plays with the light and emphasizes the golden tones. Combine that with the overall quality and there you go: another highlight in my book.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Baltic MR01
  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Thickness: 9.9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Wrist size in photos: 17.5cm/6.9"

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