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    Introducing The L'Atelier Collection

    • 1 min read

    The L'Atelier Collection is a highly curated selection of handcrafted straps, created to showcase the craftsmanship of a Delugs strap, and to provide a unique and thoughtful pairing for every watch. ⁠

    The collection uses the same leather and style that you have come to love from Delugs, but brings a unique twist through the introduction of two-tone accents in the stitching, edge paint, keepers and lining leather. Compared to a typical Delugs strap, straps from the L'Atelier collection also feature a finer stitching for a more refined look.⁠⁠ For the leathercrafters out there, these straps have a 2.25mm stitching distance / 12 SPI, compared to 2.7mm / 10 SPI in our regular straps.

    A total of five straps are available in the L'Atelier collection at launch. We took the many years of strap recommendations and pairing experience that we have, and designed these straps to provide the best strap pairings with most watches on the market today.⁠

    The L'Atelier collection will be part of our regular collection, and a total of five widths and three sizes are available. More designs will be added to the collection over time.⁠

    Concrete Jungle

    Desert Dunes

    Mud Flats

    Stormy Seashore

    Woodland Forest