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Delugs Ambassador: Samuel @samsveblenianobsession

Delugs Ambassador: Samuel @samsveblenianobsession

We are pleased to introduce Samuel (@samsveblenianobsession) from California, US as our Delugs Ambassador!

Read on to learn more his favourite watch brand and complication, his hobbies, why he decided to join the Delugs Ambassador Program, and more!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am multi-racial, was born in the American Midwest, and love watches of all varieties.

When and how did you get into watches?

I've owned a watch for as long as I can remember, and grew up wearing Casio calculators, world timers, as well as Swatches. My first real watch was a Speedmaster that I purchased when I turned 30, but really went down the rabbit hole when I discovered Nomos 8 years ago.

Since then, I've tried to explore every aspect of the watch world and community that I could, from affordable micros to mainstream sports watches to vintage to high end independents. I love to collect a little bit of everything.

Apart from watches and photography, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?

You mean there's a world outside of watches?! In all seriousness, I love sports (basketball and American Football), travel, hiking the outdoors (blah blah blah), and have a special affinity for music.

I have a couple of hi-fi systems, one dedicated to modern music like hip-hop and rock, and another that allows Classical, Jazz, Blues, and other related genres to shine. I have a solid vinyl collection, have a variety of headphones, prefer to stream HQ lossless files, and always have something ready to play. Dare I say, I might appreciate music even more than horology, even if far more money gets dumped into the latter.

What is your favourite watch brand and why?

I don’t consider myself a fan of brands, more so individual watches. However, if I’m forced to pick, I’m going to go Nomos. Affordable, design-oriented, with a unique modernist aesthetic, you’d be hard pressed to find a company that offers more for the money than Nomos. I may be attracted to higher end pieces, but when it comes to a company as a whole, I absolutely adore Nomos.

What is the one watch in your collection you never thought you would own, and why?

This an easy one, the Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire. I missed ordering one during its initial sale, as I wasn’t into Indies, nor was I keen to spending that much money on a watch. Fast forward 5 years, and the Remontoire became my grail that got away.

In January of 2022, I received a phone call from a fellow collector and friend stating that one had just come up for sale, well over MSRP, but way under market value. It was the first (and few) times I ever paid over MSRP for a watch, but my grail was achieved. There are still pieces that I lust after, but I can proudly say that I’ve obtained my grail.

Are there any specific watch complications or features that fascinate you the most?

My favourite complications are Moonphases, GMTs, and chronographs. I would love a minute repeater, but that’s in a different league.

Do you have any daily rituals related to watches?

As much as I love watches, they are often the last thing to be chosen during the morning routine. I look at the forecast, choose my clothing, and the watch comes last, often with a strap change. Rarely, I'll select the watch first, and then the fit is chosen around the timepiece.

Why did you decide to join the Delugs Ambassador program?

To be honest, I was a little reluctant at first. Then I thought about how many Delugs products I already own: Watch and strap storage, a valet tray, 15+ straps. When I realised I’m backing something I’ve already placed my trust in, the decision became much easier.

Top 5 favourite Delugs products?

I give my response to my five favourite aspects of Delugs as a company.

1. Colour - No one has ready-made stock of the wide variety of colors offered by Delugs.

2. Variety - Leather straps, rubber straps, zip boxes, watch rolls, you name it, Delugs offers it all.

3. By collectors for collectors - There is little doubt Ken is watch fan, and it is evident in the way Delugs releases products and interacts with the community. Seeing we’ve also had a lot of the same watches, it makes me happy to support another collector with excellent taste. : )

4. Rubber - No one does rubber straps as well as Delugs, and in IMO, it isn’t close. From their materials to the way they feel on the skin, Delugs is second to none.

5. Innovation - I love how Delugs is always experimenting with new ideas, materials, and products. There is always something new around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Lastly, we will end off with a series of quick fire questions.

Vintage or Modern? Modern

Dress or Sport? Dress

Strap or Bracelet? Strap

Rubber or Leather? Leather

To learn more about the Brand Ambassador program, please visit the following page.


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