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    Chevre leather from Alran tannery is most often used in small leather goods. The beauty of Alran Chevre is in the texture and grain. It has a slight pebbled texture that is very smooth to the touch, making any product immediately look luxurious. Compared to Epsom, the pebbled surface on Chevre is formed naturally from the raw goat leather and the tanning process, and not embossed on. It also has finer pebbled grain patterns compared to Epsom, and is slightly shiny. Similar to Epsom, Chevre also has very strong water and scratch-resistant properties.

    • Strap Style:Slim
    • Thread Colour:81 - Dark Grey
    • Strap Thickness:2.2mm
    • Buckle Type:Regular, Engraved
    • Buckle Finish & Colour:Brushed Silver

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Armando G. (Zamora, MX)
    Good quality bad aplication

    Hi, I purchased a Chèvre slim strap, based on then Zenith Chronometer Sport pics reference.... results that is a 2.2 mm strap, in my opinion too slim for that watch, it should be something that starts on at last on 4 mm to 2.2 mm. I'm glad I found it useful for a baltic MR01 watch.

    Thiradol P. (Bangkok, TH)

    Good quality

    KTS (Bangkok, TH)
    Color is lighter than expected

    More medium dark grey than dark grey.

    Calvin Y. (Singapore, SG)
    Dark grey leather strap

    Very nice color and leather

    Edgar S. (Singapore, SG)
    Dark Grey Chevre Slim Strap

    Very high quality and more comfortable than expected. Deployant clasp are not installed per requested, but is easy to be installed.