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Strap Guide: Gerald Genta Bi-Retro B.IRL.10

Strap Guide: Gerald Genta Bi-Retro B.IRL.10

Strap Guide written by @timebyrafThank you Raffael!


Hello there! My name is Raffael, and some of you might already know me from my IG “TimeByRaf” where I am sharing pictures of all kinds of timepieces. When Ken reached out to me and asked if I want to create a strap guide for Delugs, I thought about my Cartier Tank Basculante as this is the undisputed strap queen in my collection and this is also the watch I did my first guide for. But actually, I just received my latest addition to the collection, which is a 2004 Gerald Genta Retro Biretro, reference B.IRL.10. I couldn’t miss this opportunity, so I decided to work on another strap guide – same five straps, but totally different kind of watch. So, let’s talk Gerald Genta Biretro! When introduced in 1996, this watch used to be the very first double retrograde jump hour ever made. Despite the complications, this watch seems to be much easier readable than any other piece. To check the time, you just look at the hour window at 12 o’clock and after that, you can read the minutes from the central hand. In addition to that, this watch also features a date which makes it the “BiRetro” because of its double retrograde display. Even though this watch came to me with its beautifully made OEM bracelet, I immediately knew, that its shiny polished 38mm case and black guilloche dial in combination with a fine leather strap would be a match made in heaven. And oh boy, it definitely is. 

Natural Shell Cordovan Slim

The first strap I’ve mounted onto my BiRetro is the Natural Shell Cordovan Slim Strap. This strap features the natural color of leather and a very smooth surface. While the whole watch head comes with a strictly monochromatic look, this strap manages to contrast the look with a warm color which seems harmonic on the wrist and goes well with a lot of different shades when it comes to clothes.

Dark Grey Chevre Slim

Next up I wore my BiRetro on the Dark Grey Chevre Slim Strap. While the Natural Shell Cordovan Slim Strap featured a smooth surface, this strap has a distinctive pebbled texture which gets accented by a dark-colored thread. When mounted on the BiRetro, the dial and the strap are perfectly working together. The polished case acts as an accent and thus truly highlights the whole watch on the wrist.

Cream Epsom Slim

From a very dark look back to a more colorful combination. This time I went for the Cream Epsom Slim Strap. This must be the strap I was most excited about. Not only is it a very soft strap (like all the others too) but this one comes in a very rarely seen color when it comes to watch straps – at least for me. The color is called “cream” and that name truly does justice to the strap. Its warm color makes the otherwise very elegant timepiece almost look sporty and gives a fresh look to it. This will be my choice when wearing this watch with a linen shirt in summer!

Taupe Epsom Slim

That these Epsom straps really took my heart can for sure be told by my next choice. It is the Taupe Epsom Slim Strap. Why did I choose another Epsom strap you’d ask? Well, it wasn’t an easy choice at all. Among the broad variety of straps, I wanted to take 5 different straps, but with the structure, the tone-in-tone thread, and available tones I had to opt for another Epsom strap. This time I went for the “Taupe” colorway. I can’t really describe this color to you, but all I can say is that it works well with black dials like the one on the BiRetro. In addition to that it is super soft and – call me crazy – but I also like the scent of it (they all smell like this to be fair).

Matte Grey Storm Alligator Signature

Even though I love slim straps, I did not want to miss the opportunity to test the Delugs Signature strap. Usually, I like my straps as thin as possible, but as the BiRetro isn’t the thinnest watch I decided to try out the Delugs Matte Grey Storm Alligator Signature Strap. While the alligator straps I’ve handled before were quite stiff, this one is surprisingly soft, just like the other 4 straps. What I like most about this one is the fact, that Delugs managed to dress down this very elegant strap to a more casual look. At the first glance, it can be distinguished as an alligator strap of course, but immediately after that, the casual matte look of it might even surprise you. That’s truly something I haven’t seen before when it comes to alligator straps. In combination with the shiny dial of the BiRetro, you get a very sharp look with a lot of presence on the wrist. This is furthermore supported due to the slight padding which makes this a signature strap. 

Now, after I presented you with 5 Delugs straps on the Gerald Genta BiRetro, I proved, that these five straps have something together: They all work perfectly with a black dial. So I hope that this guide helped you with your choice.

Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy your watches, and enjoy your straps!    

Extra Information

  • Reference: Gerald Genta Bi-Retro B.IRL.10
  • Case Size: 52mm x 43mm
  • Thickness: 11.9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 52mm
  • Lug Width: 21mm

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