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Strap Guide: Tudor Ranger M79950

Strap Guide: Tudor Ranger M79950

Strap Guide written by @lifeof_a_wis


Since its release last 2022, the Ranger received more flak than flattery. Its overall look was scrutinized with several observations made.  A few even pointed out how the hour hand was oddly shaped. Upon further “excavation” (pun intended) of past descriptions, it became clear that the hour hand resembled a shovel more than what’s likely floating in your imagination.

The Tudor Ranger fulfills my tool watch criteria. A versatile timepiece with functional elegance. The simple, no-date, matte black dial makes it an easy daily wear.  While I’m enjoying the T-Fit rapid adjustment clasp, I cannot deny that one of its highlights is the unique blend of style it offers when paired with various straps to suit different activities.

Here are some of my choices.

Olive Green Rubber CTS Strap

The olive green rubber strap adds a touch of military vibe to the Ranger’s classic design. A rugged and sporty combination perfect for the hot summer days that doesn’t compromise style.

The strap has a subtle matte texture, and the quality of the rubber is superb. The finishing of the clasp also blends well with the Ranger’s look. It is ideal for those who appreciate a watch and strap that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

I was a bit nervous sizing the CTS strap but thanks to Delugs’ straightforward instructions, it made my experience a walk in the park.

Grey Barenia Signature Strap

The fine grain and smooth texture of the Barenia leather matched with the Tudor Ranger bridges the gap between formal and casual wear.

It elevates the watch into a refined look without crossing the boundary of being an overly dressy piece. This combination is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a strap that can seamlessly transition from the great outdoors to the office or a night out.

The soft gloss of the leather doesn’t overwhelm the brushed look of the watch and over time, it will develop a patina giving the strap a unique and more personalized appearance.

Taupe Saffiano Signature Strap

A brown leather strap on a field watch is a classic combination. Now, a taupe saffiano strap on a Tudor Ranger evokes a sense of rugged sophistication! This pairing combines the utilitarian appeal of the Ranger and the refinement of the saffiano leather.

It may appear more formal, but its subtle sheen and fine grain also makes it perfect for those quick excursions.

One thing I like about the saffiano leather is its texture and pattern. Due to the lack of facets the watch has, the strap can add a level of visual interest and tactility which makes it fun to wear and handle.

Green Alcantara Signature Strap

My search for a suede strap for the Tudor Ranger led me to Alcantara, a material that also serves as flame-retardant covering for F1 race car seats and also some marine industries.

The green alcantara strap definitely contrasts well with the watch and its texture makes it stand out from other traditional leather. The velvety look creates a balance of ruggedness and style. A pairing that’s not hard to wear daily.

Nubuck Black Ostrich Signature Strap

My first time handling an ostrich strap and it did not disappoint. I like how the scale texture is not as common as a crocodile or alligator strap. It elevates the Tudor Ranger by adding a touch of exotic element.

With the black/grey scheme, it gives the watch a subtle pop of appearance gentle enough not to be visually straining. The nubuck doesn’t give the strap an overly shiny appearance making it a perfect accessory for both formal and adventure-filled occasions.

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