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Strap Guide: Tudor Prince Date Day

Strap Guide: Tudor Prince Date Day

Strap Guide written by @wildwristwatchThank you Philologus!


The Tudor Prince Date-Day (Ref: 76214) might be one of the classiest value for money options that one can get when first dipping one’s toes into the under S$5,000 price range. Not only does it come with all the quality guarantees that a renown company like Tudor offers, it also gives you a touch of precious metal with the white gold bezel and an actually interesting linen-esque dial, something that Rolex and Tudor gave up for years up until recently. The one downside of this piece is that despite being in production for the Hong Kong market up until 2020, the watch design harks from a time vintage times which brings with it a flimsy bracelet that will stretch relatively easily. The silver lining is that this watch is a strap monster, and that allows you to play with the wide range of strap options that Delugs has to offer. From a classic formal black Cordovan to a more casual Waxy brown to an occasion useful maroon Crazy Horse, the monochrome dial lends itself to virtually any strap that you are willing to try. So without further ado, lets get into it. 

Formal: Black Shell Cordovan Slim

Alligator/Crocodile straps are typically considered the formal option, but I’d argue that Shell Cordovan straps are a step up the formality scale. After all, the higher the level of formality, the cleaner the look of an ensemble should be, and that is exactly what cordovan offers. Its clean smooth surface that comes with just a light sheen is the perfect unassuming base to allow the watch to stand out, while still maintaining its tinge of luxury. And what better colour option than black? Just think of how that would pair wonderfully with a tuxedo, or a sharp suit with black shoes (of course). Though formal events are generally in short supply these days, a black Shell Cordovan strap is like the minimal single suit that you keep in your wardrobe, not often used, but always ready to class things up should the occasion call for it.

Dressy: Millenium Graphite Alligator Slim (Custom)

Versatile: Light Grey Nubuck Slim

Nubuck leather might just be the perfect balance between comfort and durability. It is almost as soft and pliable as suede, while being far more sturdy such that it can be worn without concerns that the strap must be babied. The light grey colour is also extremely versatile, just as good with a casual suit as it is with t shirts and shorts. It would also work with every other leather colour, which would make picking shoes, bags and belt pairings a breeze. If I could only choose one strap to pair with this watch, this would be it, a strap that would fit almost every occasion that you could throw at it.

Casual: Brown Waxy Slim

If you thought of leather in some its earliest uses on ranches, chances are you would think of something akin of Waxy leather. The grains in the leather are rather visible which carries a sense of ruggedness and adventure in the great outdoors. The shade of brown has a tinge or yellow in it, though that may differ from piece to piece given that each hide would vary slightly in the colour it takes on through the tanning process. Regardless, its ruggedness makes it somewhat more casual and makes it an ideal pairing with boots or loafers as well as denim or leather jackets.

Occasion: Maroon Crazy Horse Slim (Custom)

Crazy Horse is a range of leather that in my opinion, carries a vintage aesthetic. Think jeans that have faded evenly naturally through regular use, and you would probably get the vibe that Crazy Horse leather gives off. The maroon option makes the strap less versatile in day-to-day wear, but makes it perfect for occasions involve red, which in Singapore, is a lot. I’m talking Chinese New Year, National Day and Christmas. It is also a sufficiently subdued shade that it would work on the weekends with sneakers or more casual occasions, which makes the softness of the leather a big bonus in my opinion. 


So there you have it, a varied range of straps that will prepare you for almost any occasion on a watch that could work in virtually any occasion. Hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to DM me if you need any more information on strap pairing options, or anything else.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Tudor Prince Date Day Ref 76214
  • Case Size: 36mm 
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44mm
  • Thickness: 11.3mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm 

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