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Strap Guide: Tudor Pelagos 39

Strap Guide: Tudor Pelagos 39

Strap Guide written by @ikemadethisThank you Isaac!


Once in a while, the people get what they want. The Tudor Pelagos was first released in 2012 coming in at a large wearing 42mm. It wasn’t the diameter that made it wear large. Rather, it was the slab sided case giving the visual appearance of a top heavy watch. Enthusiasts have been praying to the watch gods ever since for a smaller version. The Black Bay 58 was the first of Tudor’s recent dive watches to be downsized so it was only a matter of time before the Pelagos would get a reduction as well. Enter the Pelagos 39. It's a titanium watch coming in at 39mm across the case but closer to 40mm across the bezel. Speaking of the bezel, we get a radial brushed fully lumed ceramic insert over the matte version of its big brother. This is a feature that has grown on me with ownership. It gives the watch a more dynamic appearance with the bezel looking from stark black to a ghost gray depending on the lighting. Most importantly, the Pelagos remains a strap monster. The lugs are an odd width at 21mm but as usual, Delugs to the rescue!

Navy Chevre Slim

I love this strap! It’s both dressy and sporty. It pairs very well with the Pelagos giving a pop of color without attracting a lot of attention. The smooth textured leather is very attractive and it feels fantastic on wrist.

Cognac Crazy Horse Side-Stitch

The Cognac Crazy Horse side stitch has classic vintage looks pairing well with this vintage sized diver. For versatility, brown is one of those classic colors you just can’t go wrong with. This type of leather will pick up nicks and scrapes over time which will only add character.

Black Shell Cordovan Slim

The glossy black of shell cordovan leather adds an elegance and formality to the Pelagos. The sunburst dial pairs well with the glistening nature of this strap. The fully stitched construction combined with the durability of horse hide will result in a strap that will remain in the rotation for years to come.  

Grey Barenia Signature

The grey Barania signature strap is padded giving a more substantial feel over the other leather straps in this guide. The smooth gray leather pair well with the gray tones of the titanium case. Simply put, it’s a good looking combo.

Green Crazy Horse Side-Stitch

This is the second strap featuring crazy horse leather but this time in green with subtle hints of aqua. This particular color picks up scratches more easily than the brown featured earlier. With time, it will patina into a darker green.   

Elastic Loop

If you know me, you know I love straps and more often than not, I choose natos or elastic straps. My wrist tends to swell over the course of a day and the conforming nature of the straps makes for all day comfort. What’s great about the Delugs elastic loop straps is that they feature the same quick release spring bars which makes playing dress-up with your watches easy and hassle free. 

Elastic Loop Black

First off, the black loop strap. Its classic looks pair well with the black dial. This one is a must have.

Elastic Loop Bond Black / Grey

The bond loop has grey stripes that adds an extra subtle element of visual interest. Like the black, its versatility is very high and can be paired with any casual outfit.

Elastic Loop Green 

The green elastic loop is a dark olive shade very reminiscent of military wear. Perfect for the outdoors or whenever you are feeling adventurous! 

Elastic Loop Red 

Coming in at a loud and bright red, this elastic strap is fun and outgoing. Perfect for summer wear at the beach, pool or wherever the mood strikes. It really pops in photos!

Elastic Loop White 

Last but not least is the elastic loop in white. This one screams Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas. It would pair well with blue jeans and a white polo.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Tudor Pelagos 39
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Lug Width: 21mm

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