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Cartier Santos-Dumont line is extremely well-received and very versatile with leather straps given the dressy nature of the watch. However, there is a lack of 3rd-party strap options as a special insert is needed to ensure that the straps fit flush with the watch. While regular straps could be used, it does not create an integrated fit that flows nicely with the case, which is not ideal. We are now able to craft integrated straps using the same metal adapters, to craft a strap that is a perfect fit for the Cartier Santos-Dumont. Read more about this release here.

Note: Delugs is not affiliated with watch brands such as Cartier, and the strap was developed independently by Delugs. Intellectual property rights of watches, visuals, trademarks, names and logos belong respectively to each related watch brand.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carlos M. (Miami, US)

Fantastic! Great product

Ice (Bangkok, TH)
Perfect orange

Lovin it

Aerith (Singapore, SG)
Lousy post customer service care for unsuitable strap purchase

Bad customer service care when purchased a wrong customised watch strap given that there is no guideline on website on how to measure watch size for Cartier dumont. We wanted to go their factory to customize on spot knowing that customization has a risk of inaccuracy, but delug suggested we can consider to customize online too. If delug provides the suggestion/option for buyer to customize online, then delug must at least shows sincerity and provide better resolution in anticipation of any inaccuracy issue with buyer online purchase.

And when the size was realised to be wrong (should purchase large size and not small size for Cartier dumont), there is no help in solving the issue and can only provide us 80% refund and still expect us to pay additional amount to recustomize. Not sure but I suppose delug is going sell that as new piece instock at 400 bucks since they claimed that the colour is not available in store too.

Moreover, we purchased the highest tier strap quality (alligator) that costs 400 sgd . We even offered to just take in any instock strap available in the factory regardless of the colour and delug is not keen to even do so, this shows they don’t even meet midway to have win win situation for us. I think if delug offers online customization, then there should at least be some guides on website on how to help buyer purchase correct product and offer better customer service when buyer has a wrong fit for strap because this strap is not a low cost product in the first place so should put urself in buyer shoe.

Customer (Bangkok, TH)
Superb quality strap for santos dumont

The quality of strap is perfectly. Cutting and leather texture is good. The strap end link seem too fit when put into watch lug. It might scratch with inside lug. Please be careful.

Abhi (San Jose, US)
Fantastic strap

Bought mocha crazy horse Cartier Santos-Dumont custom watch strap. Fit is perfect and the strap feels luxurious.