Regular Straps - Chromexcel

Founded in 1905, the Horween Leather Company produces unique articles that remain relevant over a hundred years later. From regulation basketballs to presidential dress shoes, Horween leather is not just hype - its the real deal from head to toe.

The word 'signature' is thrown around a lot, but when you hear 'signature pull-up', chances are they're talking about Chromexcel of Horween fame. Developed around the time of the Titanic, this tannage never went down in the ensuing century. 'Pull-up' refers to the lightening of the leather as it is flexed and pulled, resulting in gorgeous two-tone gradients across its surface. This effect is achieved when oils and waxes, impregnated in the leather during production, is temporarily displaced due to movement. An aniline (non-pigmented) finish allows the pull-up to be seen in all its glory.

Just like you and your time-piece, the beauty of this leather isn't just skin deep.