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Strap Guide: Seiko SARB 033/035

Strap Guide: Seiko SARB 033/035

Strap Guide written by @whatknotman


The Seiko SARB series is an icon that needs no introduction. After being discontinued in the recent past, there has been a frenzy in the watch world to acquire one amongst us watch enthusiasts and rightly so. The SARB series is a simple watch in effect with a clean dress watch design and function that serves multiple aspects of life, be it in a formal meeting or an outdoorsy day. The SARB has a cult following now and I am delighted to present the Delugs strap guide for them – yes I have both of them, haha.

Well for starters, both the 033 and 035 are strap monsters. The Yin-Yang plan with the 2 dials is absolutely amazing. All of the Delugs straps shown here are going to go well with either of them. Showcasing the SARB series with 5 unique Delugs straps as below

Moss Green Babele Slim Strap

Green and Black is a no brainer combo. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion you want to wear your watch. The subtle textures on the strap and the fine stitching add to the beauty on the wrist. The moss green colourway is perfectly rendered and elevates the black dial of the 033. I prefer this colour way to dress down the watch for a more casual outing.

Dark Brown Nubuck Slim Strap

The Dark Brown Nubuck gives a pronounced presence to the SARB 035. I chose the cream diai for this strap since the colour play is from the same palette making it pleasing to view.

This is the perfect dress-watch look for the cream toned SARB. You can pair this set with any of the formal outfits.

Light Grey Epsom Slim Strap

Now I am a sucker for grey tones. The Epsom strap with its fine texture is a joy to look at even without the watch. Paired with the black dial SARB 033, it does complete justice to it and completely alters the contrast balance. As a visual, you now have both the watch and the strap stand out. That’s the magic of a grey strap and the grey Epsom does it so well.

Pairing it with a dressed down grey formal shirt, completing the look.

Orange Saffiano Stitchless Strap

I like to experiment, making some crazy combos for my watches. I love how I get some eyeballs rolling when they see a pop of colour on the wrist. The Orange Saffiano does exactly that for me. The SARB 033 when it's done with its five day dress work, can be completely transformed into a party piece with the Orange Saffiano strap. The check pattern on the strap is beautifully done. The strap comes without any side stitches giving the SARB a transformed look.

Baby Blue Rubber CTS Strap

Saving the best for the last. I was always intrigued by the unique arrangement of the strap where we need to cut it for a precise fit. An instant choice for the baby blue would be the black dial, but boy was I wrong. The baby blue CTS works wonders on the cream dial. The pastel tones on the strap and the watch are sight to behold. A chic look, a more modern approach to your ensemble. This combo is for the fashion forwards for sure.

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