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Strap Guide: Omega Speedmaster Professional

Strap Guide: Omega Speedmaster Professional

Strap Guide written by @thespeedyshutterThank you Tom!

Taupe Saffiano Signature

While the stitchless Saffiano is great for watches like the Tank, this Signature style Saffiano is in my opinion the better choice for a big watch like the Speedy. Lightly padded and fully stitched. Still fairly scratch and water-resistant. A leather originally developed by Prada to be used in bags and shoes. A great strap for daily wear that will last you a lifetime. The Taupe color will go with pretty much any outfit. Matched here with some knitwear and drawstring pleated pants, for a slightly elevated casual look.

Cognac Crazy Horse Side-Stitch

Despite the name, Crazy Horse leather is actually not made from horse hides, but rather got its name from being commonly used in saddle making.

The closest I can compare it to is a waxed Nubuck, but also not really.. A tough but also silky smooth leather. Completely veg-tanned and will develop an incredible patina over time. Really brings out the vintage vibes on the speedy! Paired here with some beat-up cotton work pants.

Black Waxed Canvas Slim

While on the topic of patina potential, these waxed canvas straps are definitely worth a mention. The wax means that the canvas will brighten in areas that are often creased or subjected to more wear than other areas. I expect this strap to age more like a pair of blue jeans than a leather strap! Time will tell!

The rubber lining together with the waxed fabric makes it very water-resistant and ready for all kinds of weather and activities!

Gold Barenia Signature

Barenia. Is it the world’s most renowned leather? Maybe. It's definitely made by one of the most renowned tanneries in the world. Tannery Haas. It's both veg-tanned and chrome-tanned to give it the perfect balance of softness, durability and even color and texture. It's a leather that patina very slowly compared to solely veg-tanned leathers, meaning it will look brand new for quite some time.

The gold color will be so good in the summer! Looking forward to wearing it with all linen and everything!

Green Shell Cordovan Slim

If you've followed me for a while, you know I'm a sucker for Cordovan leather. The context here with the raincoat doesn't really make any sense, but it looks really cool! I guess Cordovan is slightly more water-resistant than most calf leathers at least! Let's go with that! A stunning strap that will elevate any timepiece! It will patina very interestingly, requiring zero to very little maintenance.    

Black Rubberised Leather Signature Strap

A waterproof material constructed just like a leather strap. Just as comfortable as the other signature style straps. The material is one piece that's folded over itself, so there's no seam by the lug, which I trust will help the longevity of the strap. Either of these could easily be a one-strap collection if there was ever such a thing. Perfect for those sporty dressy watches that can take a splashing, but that you might not take swimming!

Extra Information

  • Reference: Omega Speedmaster Professional
  • Case Size: 47mm x 42mm
  • Thickness: 13.2mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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