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Strap Guide: Speedmaster First Omega in Space

Strap Guide: Speedmaster First Omega in Space

Strap Guide written by @olli.verThank you Oliver!


Hi, it’s Oliver (@olli.ver) again and this time I’m happy to present you some impressions of my Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch „First Omega In Space“.

Presented at Baselworld 2012 the Speedmaster „First Omega In Space“ or so called „FOIS“ refers to the CK2998, worn by Walter Shirra during the „Sigma 7“ mission of the Mercury Programme in 1962. 50 years later this modern re-interpretation was released with some slightly redesigned elements but still features the black dial, black bezel and stainless steel case with the diameter of 39,7mm, symmetric lugs and no crown guards as the original one. It also got similar Alpha and Baton style hands. On the caseback you can find the „Hippocampus“ or Seahorse that you could also find on Shirra’s watch. Besides that, as a „Numbered Edition“ every FOIS got it’s own serial number. Inside the case, the actual model runs with Omega’s well-known 1861 movement.

But to keep this a bit short and simple, let’s start with the showcase of some straps to maybe provide some inspiration of how this speedy works with different styles.

Grey Barenia Signature

As grey is one of the most combinable or „go-to color“, this slightly padded Barenia strap works quite well with the speedy. It refers to the original strap that’s provided with the FOIS directly from Omega, just in a different color. With it’s smooth surface, right amount of firmness and a tiny bit of gloss it suits the Speedy from day one but surely will develop some slight patina with time, that matches this vintage-inspired piece even better.

Dark Brown Pueblo Slim

The FOIS originally comes on a cognac brown leather strap with brighter contrast stitching. To keep this look in general but make it a bit "toolier" this Pueblo strap does the job just perfect with it's slightly rough texture and darker color. It also matches the in general very vintage-inspired appearance of the Speedy, but before i try to describe that more and more, you just should look at the pictures to see how well this combination works.

Olive Green Shell Cordovan Slim

If you take the Speedy as a bit more military- or tool-kind of piece, then this combination is just perfect for you. The olive green strap with it’s slight glossy finish delivers this feeling just perfect. And besides that we all know how durable and long lasting shell cordovan is so it will last maybe just as long as your speedy.:) And of course, in this color, it will match to just any kind of outfit. From casual to a bit more dressier…of course if you consider the speedy as a piece to be worn with a dressier style…  

Matte Dark Brown Alligator Signature

You remember what I wrote about the Brown Pueblo Strap? THIS is the step ahead of the calfskin strap the speedy comes originally from Omega with. This strap adds a huge amount of class and “dressability” to this simple chronograph. With it’s dark color and subtle texture you just underline a decent classy look. And besides that, with its slightly padded design but still being lower as the watch itself, it suits the general profile very well and also gives a nice look in its side profile.

Jean Grey Babele Slim

Other than maybe the Alligator strap, this one is just the perfect choice for that go to- or casual look. It’s just the right one to take your speedy out on weekends with a more casual outfit. This color is again very good to combine to any outfit and with its smooth texture it looks not too plain or too rough and feels very soft and hugs the wrist just right from day one on. Not forgetting to mention that with its slim profile the watch just slides under any cuff, no matter if it‘s a one of a shirt or sweater.   

Elastic Loops

This is something different…if you're into NATO straps but would like to have more sleek and clean look, this is the ultimate solution for you. These straps offer you a wide variety of styles and colors to match your watch, outfit or overall style. Personally I'm not really into NATOs but these are different, they are well designed and wear much more comfortable than expected. So make sure to pick the one that matches your size and style and add variety to your style.

So, hopefully you’ve been able to get some inspiration out of this guide or just had a good time reading it. The Speedmaster just has a lot of potential to be combined with so many kinds of straps, just go ahead and try it on your own. 

Extra Information

  • Reference: Speedmaster First Omega in Space
  • Case Size: 39.7mm
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47.1mm
  • Lug Width: 19mm

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