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Strap Guide: Omega Seamaster Professional (Original Blue Bond Wave Dial)

Strap Guide: Omega Seamaster Professional (Original Blue Bond Wave Dial)

Strap Guide written by @j.witkinThank you Jake!


The Omega Seamaster is an icon in its own right. The first models to carry the name “Seamaster” were based on wristwatches designed for, and worn by, the British Military during World War II. Since its inception, this incredibly successful model has lived in limbo between being a some-what formal watch, and a tool watch. This theme remains true when you look at the James Bond era of Seamasters. Who else is capable of walking the line between black-tie and super-spy better than 007? Perhaps this delicate balance is what many enthusiasts find attractive in this model. Whether you are a fan of the watches' film discography or not, the Seamaster holds its own in the world of versatile watches. 

My particular Seamster is a reference 2531.80 from 1994. It is a birth-year watch for me and was particularly difficult to track down due to some strange occurrences with serial numbers during the 1990s. Sometimes I forget that this is not a modern watch, as it is over 25 years old it is what many call “neo-vintage”. With age comes a few perks, such as the tritium lume plots that have aged gracefully into a pale shade of pumpkin. When I initially acquired this watch, I was worried that the lume color, the slight faded blue wave dial, and the dynamic blues of the aluminum bezel insert would make strap pairing a nightmare. I was very wrong. This watch truly is what all of us watch nerds call a “strap monster.”

When pairing my watch and strap, I pay specific attention to textures. Contrasting textures can often ruin the look for me, but I have found a few cases where pure unadulterated fun triumphs over textural preferences.

Chestnut Buttero Slim

Blue dials and brown straps are truly made for one another. The warmth of supple leather juxtaposed with the cold crushing blue of the deep sea… it is a shame some people turn their noses up at divers on leather. It’s one of my favorite pairings. An alternative offering that always looks great as well is a Natural Shell Cordovan. This nearly vintage Delugs strap has patina’d over 3 years to reach a similar color as the Butter Slim, but has quite a different character.

Black Waxed Canvas Slim

In the name of versatility and on the more casual side, I present to you, the Black Waxed Canvas strap. Despite the canvas having a subtle pattern there is no clashing with the wave dial. It is a comfortable and casual pairing that has quickly become my go-to strap choice. The rubber backing also makes it a perfect all weather, all adventure option.

Light Grey Nubuck Slim

While grey may not be everyone’s first choice of strap, it is one of my favorites. It’s a neutral color that plays with some of the more subtle tones hidden in a dial. When this Seamaster gets paired with the Light Grey Nubuck strap, its age starts to show. The fading of the dial, the tarnishing on the hands, the small scuffs of the bezel, all shine and are a testament to this watch’s capability and versatility. Nubuck is also a curious material because of the way it can ever so slightly change the way it looks with the brush of a sleeve or finger. It gives the strap an organic and natural look that pairs well with the lyre lugs and scalloped bezel. 

Orange Saffiano Stitchless

Sometimes you just need to get a little wild. For some people, change between one strap and one bracelet is wild enough; for others it is putting Patek Calatravas on NATO-style straps. For me, it is incorporating my favorite color, orange. Coincidentally the colored accent at the tip of the Seamaster second hand has aged to a nearly identical orange as this Saffiano strap. While it is the most texture I’ve incorporated into the strap guide, the stitchless configuration helps to balance the contrast between the crosshatch appearance of the strap and the wave pattern of the dial.

Elastic Loops

The elastic loop may look familiar at first, and I was hesitant to try them out of an irrational fear the watch would slip over my hand. There are other straps around using similar materials but all utilize some sort of metal to ultimately secure the watch to the wrist. The Delugs Elastic Loops surpass those options in terms of comfort and make a watch as thin as the Seamster Professional wear even thinner. With a variety of colors and patterns, there is a strap for every occasion, from impersonating James Bond, celebrating a patriotic (for me) holiday, heading to the beach, or just enjoying a casual and comfortable strap. I’ve found these straps to be extremely comfortable in an office/school setting. Without having a clasp, buckle, or hook of any type, you don’t even know you have a watch on your wrist while desk diving.

While these strap options have your basic pairing for the Seamaster covered, I hope you were also able to see how versatile the watch can be, even if some of the selections do not appeal to you. Additionally, the variety of Seamster Professional skews leads to almost endless possible strap combinations. 

Finally, I would just like to thank Delugs for the opportunity to put together this strap guide for one of my favorite and most worn watches, and thank you for taking the time to read as I wax poetic about quirky strap pairings.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Omega Seamaster Professional (Original Blue Bond Wave Dial)
  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47.3mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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