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Strap Guide: Omega Seamaster 2252.50

Strap Guide: Omega Seamaster 2252.50

Strap Guide written by @talkingabouttimeThank you Stephen Nichols!


Before the emergence of the Black Bay 54 and even the Black Bay 58, another remarkable yet somewhat overlooked dive watch a decade older was lurking in the shadows—the 36mm neo-vintage midsize Omega Seamaster Professional. Specifically, the 2252.50 model,  the quartz 2262.50 variant or even opt for the 41mm versions if you like a slightly larger watch. This particular diver boldly departed from the divisive yet iconic Seamaster Pro bracelet, instead adopting a bracelet either identical or remarkably similar to the Speedmaster/Speedy Reduced bracelet of that era—an alteration that, in my opinion, is a welcome one. However, amidst all these positive changes, there's one glaring oversight for fans of comfort, heat or salt—no microadjustment. Given the 36mm size, I strongly believe that wearing it slightly loose is an acceptable compromise. Still, having the flexibility of a different pair of shoes is always welcome.

This brings us to the next challenge. If you're anything like me, you might find yourself owning an arguably excessive collection of 20mm straps (if such a thing is even possible). Yet, this 36mm timepiece boasts an 18mm lug width. Nevertheless, who can resist the allure of shopping for new accessories? For comfort, for flexibility or just to change the look. Allow me to share some delightful pairings I've personally curated for my new horological acquisition. 

Black CTS Rubber

Alright, I'll be the first to admit, this pairing might seem like a slam dunk. I mean, I'm not exactly breaking new ground by matching a black rubber strap with a black diver. But hey, if it ain't broke, don't mess with it, right? The delugs CTS strap has practically taken up residence on my Seamaster since it arrived, outlasting all the other combinations and even the bracelet. It gives this already comfortable diver that magical "disappearing on the wrist" feeling. Not only is the rubber super pliable and cozy, but it also tapers down aggressively to the spring-loaded clasp, now boasting micro-adjust holes that grant me just the right amount of wiggle room for those sweltering days or spontaneous salty fry-induced wrist swells.

Yellow Waxy Slim

If you're keeping tabs on my Instagram, you're well aware of my fondness for pairing mustard fabric straps with, well, just about anything—whether it makes sense or not. Luckily, it usually makes sense, and this time is no exception. The waxy yellow strap is crafted with such care and sports leather so cushy you'd think it came pre-broken in. Its mustard hue plays delightfully with the black dial and the slightly aged white indexes of the Seamaster.

Light Grey Nubuck Slim

Call me a texture connoisseur, but I can't resist the allure of nubuck suede. Especially when it comes to a black and white timepiece, the gray is just, well, spot on. Now, I might sound like a broken record, but let's just establish that all these straps are comfy as your favorite old armchair. Delug's reputation is no joke when it comes to crafting comfortable straps.

Olive Green Pueblo Slim

First off, my apologies for the pun. I'm fully committed to the pun theme, and quitting now would just be a disservice, right? But let's get serious—what's not to love about an olive green strap? If you thought my adoration for mustard straps was fervent, you might find that I'm even more smitten with olive green. So, I guess the pun isn't entirely outlandish. I mean, come on, there are photos right here; take a gander at how spectacular this combo is. Seriously, take a look!

Cognac Crazy Horse Side-Stitch

Now, my choices have a cunning strategy. The last two straps, the Nubuck and the Pueblo, paved the way for this Crazy Horse Strap. According to the Delugs website, it's a marriage of the two preceding leathers. As time goes by, it'll gracefully collect scratches and develop a rich patina, a perfect match for a vintage-style side-stitched leather strap. This one exudes all those cozy, inviting vintage vibes that I can't help but adore.    

Extra Information

  • Reference: Omega Seamaster 2252.50
  • Case Size: 36.25mm
  • Thickness: 11.7mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 
  • Lug Width: 18mm

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