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Strap Guide: Ming 22.01 GMT Kyoto

Strap Guide: Ming 22.01 GMT Kyoto

Strap Guide written by @thegirlwithbirthmarkThank you Pearly!


When the Ming Kyoto was announced and official images were shown, it was one of my “OH WOW” moments. A wearable size of 38mm, grade 5 titanium case. What drew me in, as always with Ming, the dial. Construction of inner and outer dial with different texture and colour, grey and green combined. When light hits on the dial from a certain angle, the dial looks totally different and that is amazing. Ming has really taken a different approach, playing with the reflections on glasslike materials for their recent launches. I thought to myself, when the watch arrived, what would be really interesting is the strap pairing with such a unique dial. A huge shoutout and many thanks to Delugs, for the 5 straps to play around to pair with the watch. I must say, the results of that were pretty awesome and indeed I had fun pairing the straps with the watch. I was pretty surprised how much of a strap monster Ming Kyoto is!

My wrist size is 14 cm approximately, size S (105/65) fitted nicely! In this sharing, I will categorise my strap choices into:

The Bold Ones

  1. Tiffany Blue Chèvre slim curved strap 
  2. Orange Saffiano signature curved strap

The Classics

  1. Matte Himalayan alligator signature strap
  2. Glossy Taupe brown crocodile signature curved strap
  3. Serpentine Ostrich signature strap

I’m definitely an advocate of a good mix between bold / loud and classic straps. I love a good conversational strap and what more a watch. I believe we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves to the more traditional choices as you wouldn’t know how the strap pairing would turn out and that's what makes strap pairing fun! 

Serpentine Ostrich Signature

How do you blend classic and contemporary together? This serpentine ostrich signature strap does the trick! The grey colour of the strap accents the watch well, bringing it to an edgy vibe. A daring and bold combination but yet further elevates the dial. Of course, the grey colour actually pops with my black top!

Matte Himalayan Alligator Signature

Probably one of my favourite pairings compared to the rest! It is contemporary but yet doesn’t move out entirely from the classic vibe. The accents of the grey grains on the crocodile brings a little rustic-ness to it. This strap has really elevated the whole look of the watch and it goes well with any outfit!  Strongly recommend this pairing!! 

This strap pairing with the watch still pops even with my white top! Very versatile indeed.

Glossy Taupe Brown Crocodile Signature (Curved)

Next up, a good old classic, brown and crocodile strap to pair with this contemporary piece. It definitely has a vintage hint to tone down the minimalist yet avant-garde design. This pairing would definitely suit for a formal event, dress up or down. It is a 101% classic choice that could hardly ever go wrong.

Turquoise Chevre Slim (Curved)

The first consideration here on selecting this striking Tiffany strap is to counter the dull colour of the dial. The Tiffany colour blends well with the colour dark green and dark grey dial and it definitely makes the watch pops! When I first saw the Tiffany colour, it definitely made me went, ‘yeap, I gotta try this!’

Orange Saffiano Signature (Curved) 

Along the lines of the bold theme, I have decided to throw in an entirely different striking orange. It turned out pretty well! This pairing somewhat reminds me of an orange (green leaves on the tip, orange body). 🍊  downside, you definitely can’t wear bright colours with this strap or you’ll steal the limelight of it! 

It really does remind me of an orange or tangerine……….    

Extra Information

  • Reference: Ming 22.01 GMT Kyoto
  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Thickness: 10.7mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 43.9mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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