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Strap Guide: Ming 22.01 GMT Gilt

Strap Guide: Ming 22.01 GMT Gilt

Strap Guide written by @olli.verThank you Oliver!


Hi @all,

It feels great to be able to do a third guide here and this time it’s my pleasure to show you some examples of combinations with the Ming 22.01 GMT Gilt.

This model is Ming’s latest release with a GMT-function with a case made of titanium in a well proportioned diameter of 38mm in width, 10.7mm in height and a lug-to-lug measurement of 43,9mm. Its Composite, three-part-dial with grained finish shows a fine texture which also compliments some of the strap’s textures, which you’ll see in the following images.

And with that said, let’s start to show some impressions and you can see how it combines with different colours and textures:

Black Rubberised Leather (Togo) Signature (Curved)

As the Ming is a GMT, most will think to use it for their holidays, to travel, explore the world…and what could be better than a strap that also can handle all this? With it’s look like a classic standard leather strap, you’re about to match nearly every outfit and also be able to do just everything. No matter if you’re about to jump into the ocean or discover the desert, this is your setup to go.

Dark Brown Nubuck Slim (Curved)

If you’re always looking for a perfect match, this is your option to go. The texture and also color of this strap matches the dial in a perfect way and also wears very comfortable. I can’t tell if it’s just me that loves these fine textures and shades of the Nubuck-surface. With this combination and some brown Nubuck or suede shoes you’ll always achieve that perfect match.

Dark Grey Alcantara Signature (Curved)

Starting off with an example of material that’s common to be used in interiors of luxury cars, but because of its aesthetic it’s very versatile to be also used as a strap for your wristwatch. Here you can see it in a dark grey colour that’s decent, more subtle and showing a nice counterbalance to the very smooth and rounded case of the watch. The strap also takes a part of this appearance with its slight padding in the middle. Overall this strap compliments the casual nature of the watch and is a great pairing for the everyday adventure.

Elastic Loop Black/Khaki

I’m a fan of the Elastic Loop-straps…they also fit great on the Ming when you equip them with curved spring bars. These combinations are always a great way to change the look of your watch on a budget. Just pick a few and match the strap to your mood or outfit of the day and wear it in style. Apart from looking great, the strap perfectly enhances the experience of wearing a titanium watch by not adding any unnecessary weight and even completely missing a thick buckle or excess leather. For a light travel watch you could not look for a better pairing.

And that’s it. I hope you got some inspiration out of this and maybe enjoy wearing your watch(es) even a bit more.

Elastic Loop Green/Yellow

Light Grey Nubuck Slim (Curved)

As far as I know, this one is the best selling strap on the Delugs website and as you might see in the pictures, this is for a reason. It’s just the one to do it all-strap. With its fine texture it complements the dial of the Ming and with its colour brightening up the whole appearance of it. This combination not only matches a slightly more “business“ look but is also a perfect easy casual setup to wear.

Matte Black Alligator Signature (Curved)

So…this is the heavy one, the real signature-piece. This rich, dark black piece of alligator turns the Ming to a real luxurious piece and puts it on a very classy level. You get the perfect style to wear it with a simple shirt and also even more dressier. The Matte Black Alligator Signature Strap really lifts the watch up to a different level and let’s you extract the most of your watch purchase, by offering a whole new side to the experience of owning a Ming 22.01.

Extra Information

  • Reference: Ming 22.01 GMT Gilt
  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Thickness: 10.7mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 43.9mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm

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