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Strap Guide: Longines Master Collection 190th Anniversary

Strap Guide: Longines Master Collection 190th Anniversary

Strap Guide written by @watch.tommyThank you Tommy!


The Longines 190th anniversary from the Master Collection of Longines is one of my latest additions to my collection. It is the first real dress watch in my collection. I never thought I would ever own a watch with a fully polished case, as I always deemed to be a sporty watch lover with a love for brushed cases. The Longines 190th anniversary put those feelings aside. This watch is something special. I love the case size of 40mm, the silver grain dial and the Breguet numerals on the dial. The highlight for me are the blued hands. Love them! Due to the silver dial, the Longines is a real strap queen. That's why I'm grateful for the chance to make this strap guide for you. I hope you get an inspiration on how to give your Longines a new style with these straps. 

Glossy Lagoon Blue Crocodile Signature

Beginning with the dressy side of the Longines with the Glossy Lagoon Blue Crocodile Signature Strap. This strap looks like it’s made for the Longines. It matches the blued hands perfectly. It has a glossy finish and is very comfortable on the wrist. Perfect and elegant with a white shirt.

Serpentine Ostrich Signature

Let’s stay on the elegant side. This is the Serpentine Ostrich Signature Strap. It has this really cool and unique texture on it. It’s a great alternative to the alligator strap with a slightly more exotic look. I really like that one on my Longines. Because of the shades of gray, you can combine it with many outfits.

Natural Babele Slim

It’s getting more casual now. This is the natural Babele Slim Strap. It changes the look of the Longines instantly. With this strap the Longines is a mix of elegance and casual. The creamy brown colour of the strap with the cream stitches is just perfect for a more casual look. It’s very soft and I love it on the wrist.

Taupe Saffiano Signature

This is the taupe Saffiano Signature Strap. It has a colour between brown and grey. For me it’s between the elegant straps and the casual Babele strap. You can wear this strap with a casual style but also with a clean white shirt and a suit. It’s very versatile and I like it on the Longines.

Pastel Blue Nubuck Slim

The final strap is a perfect match to the blued hands of the Longines. It’s the pastel blue Nubuk Slim Strap. It has a super soft touch and feels awesome on the wrist. This combination is fresh, clean and casual. I love it!

Extra Information

  • Reference:  Longines Master Collection 190th Anniversary
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 9.35mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 46.3mm
  • Lug Width: 21mm

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