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Strap Guide: JLC Reverso Classic Medium Duoface Small Seconds

Strap Guide: JLC Reverso Classic Medium Duoface Small Seconds

Strap Guide written by Thank you Carlos!


In my journey of watch collecting, I find that a new set of straps can dramatically change the look and feel of your watch. Sometimes it’s almost like getting a new watch, except in the case of the Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso Duo Face Small Seconds, you get two, new watches. In this guide I’ll be sharing my choices for five straps for nine different combinations of looks. (The black saffiano pairs so well with the black guilloche there’s no need to turn it over) 

Taupe Epsom Slim

To me, this strap is like a Swiss army knife, versatility is the word. On the silver dial, it gives a casual yet elegant look, I like to pair it with a linen suit. If you prefer a sportier look, simply flip the watch over to the black dial, where the taupe colour compliments the cream “day” section of the 24 hour subdial perfectly.

Navy Chevre Slim

Compared to the Epsom the Chevre is slightly more matt in texture. The smaller grains are naturally formed as opposed to embossed, giving it an understated yet luxurious feel. I especially like wearing this blue strap on the silver dial, together with blued hands it gives a very coherent look. 

Black Saffiano Stitchless

The grained Saffiano texture and the black guilloche dial makes a magical pair, both shimmering under the sun in a similar way. Put on your favourite leather jacket and you are ready for your morning ride on your Triumph Bonneville. And you won’t have to change your watch or strap for your black tie dinner in the evening. 

Natural Nubuck Row-Stitch

The nubuck leather has a suede-like texture, but unlike suede which uses the inner layer of the calfskin, the Nubuck uses the outer layer, making it a very comfortable yet durable strap to wear. This is the strap I would wear to relax at your favourite beach. 

Olive Green Shell Cordovan Slim

Shell Cordovan is normally a very stiff leather, used in high end shoe making. Somehow Delugs managed to make it soft and thin. When I pair it with a khaki jacket, I feel like Indiana Jones, ready for any adventure.

Extra Information

  • Reference: JLC Reverso Classic Medium Duoface Small Seconds Q2458422
  • Case Size: 42.9mm x 25.5mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 42.9mm
  • Thickness: 9.2mm
  • Lug Width: 19mm

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