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Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGW299

Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGW299

Strap Guide written by


I've long admired Grand Seiko for their exquisite dials. Yet I've never felt personally drawn toward any particular model, largely due to the bulky cases that simply look cartoonish on my wrist. That is, until I stumbled upon this recently released model, SBGW299, while on my honeymoon in Japan. Part of the 44GS lineup, its 36.5mm case sits just right on my 5.75"/14.6cm wrist, and the striking blue dial sealed the deal for me. It was a quick and easy decision to pick this up as a cherished memento of our honeymoon.

Here are five of my favorite straps from Delugs to pair with my SBGW299:

Denim Babele Slim

This Denim Babele Slim was my very first strap from Delugs many years ago, and I still adore it to this day. I hadn't seen or heard of Babele leather before, but I was especially drawn to its unique texture and photogenic quality. Over the years, this strap has developed a richer, darker tone that complements the deep blue dial of my SBGW299 flawlessly. In my opinion, this is the perfect strap to just throw on with any outfit - similar to how denim jeans go with nearly anything!

Cream Epsom Slim

Individually, the color cream and Epsom-type leather both exude a level of classiness that can dress up any watch. When combined into this strap, they give the SBGW299 a certain refined charm, striking the delicate balance between casual and elegant. This pairing makes me want to wear wireframe glasses and get lost in a library.

Bordeaux Chevre Slim

This Bordeaux Chevre strap possesses a unique appeal, adding a subtle touch of intrigue beyond your typical brown leather strap. With its rich wine-red hue, it presents a distinctly Autumn aesthetic, coincidentally matching most of my wardrobe. Pair this with layers of cream and burgundy to complete the look!

Matte Dolphin Alligator

Blue dials and grey straps are simply a flawless match. While a grey Nubuck or Suede would have been the safe choice here, I opted for something a step fancier. Initially, I had doubts about whether alligator leather would complement this dial without overwhelming it with texture. However, after wearing it for a while, I'm convinced it works. Throw on your husband's oversized knit sweater and you're good to go!

Baby Blue Rubber CTS

I wanted to experiment with a baby blue strap for this watch and felt that the cut-to-size rubber strap would evoke the perfect summer vibe. Like many, I was extremely hesitant to cut the strap after receiving it, fearing I'd make a mistake or trim it too short. To my relief, the process turned out to be surprisingly simple! I love how playful this combination is, offering a delightful way to dress down this watch, especially as we transition into T-shirt and shorts season.

Watch Specifications

  • Reference: Grand Seiko SBGW299

  • Case Size: 36.5mm

  • Lug-to-lug: 43mm

  • Thickness: 11.6mm

  • Lug Width: 18mm

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