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Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGJ201 Mt Iwate

Strap Guide: Grand Seiko SBGJ201 Mt Iwate

Strap Guide written by @lifeof_a_wisThank you Agustin!


Imagine being caught in a blizzard with snowdrifts and white-out conditions. That’s what I perceive when I look closely at my Grand Seiko SBGJ201. A piece that is also referred to as the Mt. Iwate patterned dial as each fine detail represents the ridged snowy contours of the mountain which is visible from where these watches are produced. 

The Mt. Iwate-GMT houses a very notable case from Grand Seiko’s history which is the Grammar of Design by Taro Tanaka. The belief behind the style is known to constitute a luxurious product by using shapes, lines, different facets and top-notch polishing.

Having said that, I sometimes find this piece too dressy in certain conditions. Dressing it down is always a challenge as I don’t want to compromise the sophisticated appeal the SBGJ201 possesses.  The bracelet, although comfortable and exquisitely finished, lacks a bit of versatility to my liking. 

It is now time to explore strap options that can offer this piece a casual look without compromising the quality of style and grace.

(I am sharing this guide with the hope of supplementing one’s thoughts that choosing a strap for a watch will not just change its looks but also personalize the piece making a strong link with the owner - Thanks to Delugs for offering a vast selection!)

Light Grey Nubuck Row-Stitch

“Simplicity is powerful and leads to greater clarity.” The pairing of nubuck and stitch design of this strap emphasizes not just the leather quality but the Mt. Iwate dial as well. It portrays like a velvety stage that is consistently ready to showcase the case lines and angles of the piece.

I like how Delugs managed to keep this at a decent thickness where it preserved the balance of the weight of the watch making it comfortable to the wrist. With light grey and white combo, the pairing of the wardrobe is endless!

Blue Crazy Horse Side-Stitch

I commonly see the side-stitch style on a piece that is vintage looking but what Delugs made here takes it to another level. One thing that stands out is the crazy horse leather which gives the strap the ability to have different personalities. As the fibers are scratched or rubbed, the leather’s unique color changes its shade from being subtle to intriguing.

I chose the blue one as it gives a fine contrast with the white dial and it perfectly matches the GMT hand as well. A pairing that has all the aces in my book.

Olive Green Minerva Box Signature

A pairing that might be unorthodox to some but has lots of potential. I describe it as a beautiful snow-covered alpine landscape with lush-green forest at the bottom. The pebbled appearance of the leather delivers a different set of texture to the whole package without creating a visual overload.

I tend to gravitate my wardrobe to earthy tones, so a green strap would really be an ideal addition. The color coordination instantly adds contrast and a degree of freshness to the scheme.

Cream Barenia Signature

This time, I went for a safer and conservative pairing. Everyone must have a brown strap to match with their pieces. I picked the cream barenia strap as I’ve always wanted to try this color. The cream strap matched with a white dial watch presents a neutral, calm and relaxing feel every time I wear it. The strap has some added thickness from the padding that blends well with the broader lug areas of the SBGJ201. 

There’s some magic going on here as the strap looks slim yet sturdily crafted which can accommodate the size and weight of the watch.

Matte Navy Alligator Signature

Alligator leather is synonymous to high quality and luxury. I believe any watch from vintage to modern, classic to the most complicated one can’t avert an alligator strap to blend in and form a well-founded connection. 

But not all alligator straps are created equal, with Delugs, they offer handcrafted top-quality leather. The appearance of the strap has a gentle sheen and blends well with the zaratsu polishing of the watch. The navy color discreetly aides the GMT hand for a good color pop!

Extra Information

  • Reference: Grand Seiko SBGJ201 Mt Iwate
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 46.2mm
  • Lug Width: 19mm

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