The hook-and-loop mechanism means that you don't have to worry about any sizing issues - just tighten the strap to your ideal size, and secure it! It's an intuitive and seamless way to adjust the strap to your preferred comfort level, even throughout the day. Weather is getting a little hot, and you want to wear it loose? Just open, loosen, and close!

Plus, because you can secure the strap anywhere along its entire length, the same strap can fit a large range of wrist sizes, anywhere from 13.5cm up to 20cm*! This means that you can actually have one strap to share the watch with your partner, no swapping of straps needed!

*The straps were tested on a Swatch x Omega with 50mm lug-to-lug distance.

Seamless adjustability of the hook-and-loop mechanism eliminates the need to worry about strap sizes, plus you can secure the strap anywhere along it's entire length! Designed to fit a large range of wrist sizes from 13.5cm up to 20cm, the strap offers universal versatility, and comfort.