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Our Strap Folio was made for you to Store, Protect, Organise, and Display your Strap Collection in style, whether you are just starting to build up your collection, or you have a drawer full of straps. Don't just chuck the straps in the corner, or put them in a plastic bag - they deserve better than that! Our binder-and-insert system allows you to easily add and remove individual pouches as and when needed, providing the flexibility that suits your lifestyle.

The Strap Folio (Large) can accommodate a total of six Strap Packaging Insert (12), and each insert can store a total of 12 straps, for a total storage capacity of 72 straps. If you have a large collection of straps and need a way to organise them, this is the Folio that you want to get!

The Strap Packaging Insert (12) has 12 individual slots that can fit straps up to 26mm in width, and 135mm in length. Choose between the clear and frosted style, depending on your personal preference. 

Dimensions: 34cm x 27cm x 5.3cm (LxWxH)

Note (1 Aug 22): Not pictured, but our Strap Folios now comes with silver steel zipper instead of the matching coloured plastic zippers, for even smoother zipper action.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
JAIME M. (Van Nuys, US)
Great Quality

I loved the Valet and So happy that I will be able to organize my strap collection in a very visual way with the Strap Folio.

Don W. (Central, HK)

Delugs is addictive. I have many of their straps so I've decided to go big and went ahead to buy their folio.

I bought their frosted sleeves as I had the worry the clear ones were made with kind of clear PVC that sticks together over time. Obviously, the frosted ones obscure the view of the more subtle textures of the straps.

The ring binder of the folio also fits the little sleeves the straps are delivered in, but of course you're not using the full width of the folio in this case.

Faisal (Kuwait City, KW)


Lange L. (Chicago, US)
Serves a oiroose

The binder is good quality and the sheets for the straps are very useful. The only issue is that if you out both sides of the strap in a single sleeve, the binder gets too bulky to close properly. For a sheet with 12 slots, you can really only comfortably fit six straps (top and bottom).

Tim Z. (Durham, US)
Strap Folio (Large)-black

I love this product! It truly was filling a niche in the market that did not exist. It is a great organizational tool. It’s now easy to match Straps with Watches because of this product. I will be purchasing more. Strongly recommend. Excellent quality! Tim