Stingray Side-Stitch Watch Strap

Size Guide
  • Stingray straps are a conversation starter. This is guaranteed to be the most unique leather you have ever seen and will ever see. Each of the pearl is as hard as a piece of rock, but with many small pearls it is still highly flexible. Each piece of "scale" sparkles like a diamond as the smooth, polished scale reflects whatever light it catches. Without a doubt, Stingray has the best scratch resistance ever. In fact, it is so tough that crafting a Stingray strap is extremely difficult, because it is like trying to cut through diamond. There is just nothing quite like a Stingray watch strap.

    All watch straps will come with our Delugs tang buckle and quick release bars, so that you can easily swap out between your favourite watch straps and not have to fuss about scratching your watch lugs. No one will judge you for changing straps every day!

    Note: Stingray straps are made-to-order and will take four weeks before they are sent out!

  • Straps in the Side-Stitch collection are pretty minimalistic. There are a total of 3 layers of various material that goes into each strap. From top to bottom, they are: (1) exterior leather, (2) synthetic strengthener, (3) lining leather.

    All layers are firstly glued and pressed together. Next, they are stitched only at the lug ends and buckle ends. Finally, the edges are finished with edge paint, which adds an additional layer along the exposed edges of leather and protects it from wear and tear, and water damage, over time. This also prevents the different layers from separating even though there is no stitching that runs down the length of the strap.

  • Lug Width: Find out the lug width of your watch mode. You can do this by searching the following "(watch model) lug width" in Google. Once you know the lug width (for e.g. 20mm), select the 20/18 variant for the lug width. 20 refers to the lug width, while 18 refers to the buckle width. Our straps come with a taper because it looks classier than straight straps. 

    Size: Not sure what size (length) to get for the straps? There are two methods to determine this.

    Method 1: If you have an existing strap on your watch, measure the long and short straps, sum up the lengths, and choose the variant (Small or Medium) that is the closest to the total length of your existing straps. For example, if your existing straps measure 105mm on the long strap and 80mm on the short strap, the total length is 185mm. The closest variant would be Medium (115mm/70mm = 185mm). Note that this is still an approximation, and you should adjust accordingly if your current strap does not fit your wrist perfectly.


    Method 2: If your existing watch does not have a normal strap (you have a bracelet on), you would need to measure your wrist size and purchase the strap size according to the guidelines below. If you are between sizes (for e.g. wrist size of 17.5cm), we recommend to size up.
    Small: 14.9cm - 18.4cm
    Medium: 16.3cm - 20.5cm

Customer Reviews

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Very unusual watch band.

I chose the string ray watch band. I liked how unusual it looked. When the light strikes the individual silver circles they shine like stars in the night sky. It really compliments a dress watch and you know you're not going to meet someone wearing it it's that unusual. Quality workmanship and ability to customize the band is very convenient. One thing I would have liked however would be a softer and lighter color leather inner band that touches your skin. All in all it's a quality item.

Hypoallergenic, Zermatt Leather Lining

Epsom Keepers

Painted Edges

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Sizing Guide
Sizing of watch straps can be a complicated thing. Let's un-complicate it.


Size Chart


Measurements Description S M L*
A Lug width Varies by lug width
(see product listing)
B Buckle width
C Long strap length 105mm 115mm 125mm
D Short strap length 65mm 70mm 75mm
E Distance to middle hole 65mm 72mm 80mm
F Distance between holes 6mm
G Size of holes 1.8mm

*Unfortunately, L is only available as made-to-order straps.