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When you make a signature style in a top-in-class leather, you're bound to get a winner. This Signature strap in Horween Chromexcel is what you have been waiting for. This leather is the stuff of legends. When people say leather, Chromexcel is the image that pops up in your head and Horween is the tannery that you think of. Why is that the case? Beautiful grain, smooth texture, rich colours, patina potential and that pull-up effect.

The Chromexcel strap starts off in a beautiful navy colour. This leather has a pronounced pull-up effect. What this means is that as the leather stretches, the colour changes. This is due to the movement of the oil and wax inside the leather. What results is a leather strap that wears and ages beautifully, with a rustic and vintage vibe. Also, due to the high percentage of wax, any scratches can also be easily buffed out with just a simple brushing or friction from rubbing. The pull-up effect fades away over time and evens back out. All this contributes to a leather strap that you don't ever want to take off from your watch.

Unfortunately, this strap will not longer be restocked as the leather is out of stock and we cannot get our hands on more of this leather. It is also not available for custom order. Sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment!

  • Strap Style:Signature
  • Thread Colour:6 - Cream
  • Strap Thickness:4.5-2.2mm
  • Buckle Type:Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour:Brushed Silver

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
navy signature chromexcel

another great product from Delugs. the strap needs to break-in period, it is very soft and comfortable. the color is more blue grey than navy but it suits my watch perfectly, even happier than getting a navy.

Slightly disappointed

Been buying a few straps from Delugs, but this time I am slightly disappointed in the strap. There's a small imperfection on the top part of the strap, which can be seen in one of the photos. Other than that, it's perfectly fine.

Classic design

Great design with the full white stitching. The lining leather is a nice tan leather, that feels great against the wrist. This navy color pairs nice with green lume.

The quality shines through.

I am very pleased with the leather. And the workmanship is flawless. The color is a very dark navy with a little dark gray undertone which I think makes it easy to pair with a blue dial because it is less likely to be a mismatch of colors. I also bought the Chromexel in natural. I only wish they stock a larger size. To better fit
My wrist.

Navy Chromexcel Signature Strap

Overall a fantastic strap. It has a charming rustic look and feel to it, which works well to add a bit of ruggedness to sports watches or to give dressier watches a more casual laid back vibe. The shade of blue on this leather is like a very dark slate grey with a tinge of blue; whether you see that as a more "mature" blue or a more "boring" blue is personal preference, but I do think it contributes to the strap's versatility. I personally really like the color in that it strikes a great middle ground between black/grey and blue.

I have chromexcel straps from a few other strapmakers, but the Delugs chromexcel strap is the most comfortable; not really sure what it is though, maybe just better construction and better lining leather. The chromexcel on top probably gets all the glory, but Delugs hasn't neglected the importance of quality lining leather either.

The stitching, creasing, and edge paint are all really well done. I ordered the chromexcel strap in two different colors, and there is some variation in the amount of padding between the two straps, but other than that the construction and QC is very consistent.