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zz Archive - DDC20: Bespoke Strap Design

Entries are now closed! Straps are in production and we will soon move into the Voting stage of this competition. Stay tuned!

Purchase this only if you want to take part in the Delugs Design Competition 2020. Check out the full details of the competition over here. Your order will be refunded if you do not provide details of the strap.

Rules regarding the bespoke strap as follows:

  • Fill in the following template when submitting your order:
    • Style (Signature, Slim, Side-Stitch, Rally, Chunky, Others):
    • Top Leather & Colour (Purchase the appropriate listing for leather):
    • Lining Leather & Colour: Zermatt (default)
    • Keeper Style: 1 fixed, 1 floating (default)
    • Keeper Leather & Colour:
    • Keeper Width: 5mm (default)
    • Thread Colour:
    • Thread Thickness: 0.35mm (default)
    • Stitch Width (SPI): 2.7mm (default)
    • Accent Side-Stitch: e.g. Yes, red
    • Edge Paint Colour: Match Leather (default)
    • Thickness (Lug-Strap Hole): e.g. 4.5mm-2.0mm
    • Lug Width (Lug-Buckle): e.g. 20-16
    • Length (Long End/Short End): e.g. 115/70
    • Shape of Strap Holes (Round or Oval): 
    • Number of Strap Holes: 7 (default)
    • Distance between Strap Holes: 6mm (default)
    • Distance from Lug to Middle Strap Hole
    • Strap End Style (Standard, Round or Trapezium): 
    • Curved lugs: e.g. Yes
    • Quick release spring bars: e.g. Yes
    • Buckle Finish: Brushed Silver (default)
    • Others: 
  • You may use the following leather:
    • Shell Cordovan (Black, Navy, Natural, Olive Green, Cognac)
    • Chromexcel (Whiskey, Natural, Color 8, Navy, Olive Green)
    • Epsom (Black, Navy, Izmir Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Light Grey, Taupe, Golden Brown, Dark Brown, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Hunter Green, Cream, Milkshake White)
    • Waxed Camouflage (Natural, Navy, Green)
    • Russian Hatch Grain (Chicago Blue, Pasture Green, Saddle Brown, Oxblood)
    • Waxy (Navy, Green, Brown)
    • Barenia (Tan)
  • Exotic leather (alligator, ostrich, stingray, lizard) and other leather which we cannot yet procure steadily cannot be used as the top or bottom leather. If there are some leather or colour you want to use but is not in the list above, get in touch with us and we'll see if it's something we can provide.
  • There are some things we cannot do:
    • Integrated lugs that require very fine measurements
    • Straps that require special inserts
    • Tooling or engraving
    • Different thread colour on both sides of the strap (all the straps will be handcrafted and saddle stitched. Hence the same strap goes through both the front and back of the strap)
    • Custom embossing (only done for the winning strap)
  • The strap has to be sufficiently unique or different from what we currently offer. The intent is to prevent people from using this as an avenue to get a cheap bespoke strap. I get that the definition of "unique" is subjective - we hope you understand our intent and where we are coming from.

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Customer Reviews

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Even better than I asked for
Scarlett- Black Epsom with red accents
Black Epsom bespoke strap