Custom Watch Strap: New Leather (Feb 20)

Size Guide

Order from this listing if you want to get some of the new leather that we introduced on Instagram. Normally we only sell straps made from leather that we can consistently get, so that we can produce them in consistent colour. But some of these leather are one-offs that we saw at our leather supplier, and the leather was just too beautiful to pass up. So we get them, and put them up on Instagram and open it up for custom orders.

Prices for these are lower than they normally would be - we just want to see these made into straps and onto your timepieces. We want to share these beautiful leather with the world.

You can customise any of the following. Just copy-paste the below template into your order notes (you'll see it at your cart) and fill it up with what you want.

  1. Style (Signature, Slim, Side-Stitch):
  2. Lug Width:
  3. Length (long end/short end):
  4. Thread colour:

Note: These are made-to-order and will take a few weeks to produce. Also, as the prices are already very low, discount codes won't apply.


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Sizing Guide
Sizing of watch straps can be a complicated thing. Let's un-complicate it.


Size Chart


Measurements Description S M L*
A Lug width Varies by lug width
(see product listing)
B Buckle width
C Long strap length 105mm 115mm 125mm
D Short strap length 65mm 70mm 75mm
E Distance to middle hole 65mm 72mm 80mm
F Distance between holes 6mm
G Size of holes 1.8mm

*Unfortunately, L is only available as made-to-order straps.