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    Black Rubber CTS Cartier Santos de Cartier Strap

    Update (15 May 23): We are no longer taking orders for Cartier Santos straps with Quick Switch adapter. However, you may continue to leave your email to be notified if we resume orders, by clicking the "Notify Me When Available" button.

    Cartier Santos de Cartier line is extremely well-received and very versatile and able to quickly switch between bracelet or straps using the Quick Switch system. However, using the proprietary system means that there's a lack of 3rd-party strap options. Typically, these integrated straps are only made and sold by Cartier. We are now proud to be able to offer integrated straps using 3rd-party adapters, to craft a strap that is a perfect fit for the Cartier Santos de Cartier.

    Introducing another new peak in comfort and style: our FKM Rubber Cut-To-Size ("CTS") rubber watch strap. Customisable to fit your wrist perfectly and secured with a sleek leaf-spring deployant clasp, it is also available in a range of colours to suit your personal style. This strap is not only comfortable and durable, it is also truly waterproof and easy to maintain. Whether you're hitting the gym, or dressing up for a night out, this strap has you covered. 

    Each purchase will include the following:

    • 1 set of CTS straps (2 long straps of maximum length)
    • 1 CTS Deployant Clasp

    Note: Delugs is not affiliated with watch brands such as Cartier, and the strap was developed independently by Delugs. Intellectual property rights of watches, visuals, trademarks, names and logos belong respectively to each related watch brand.

    • Strap Style: Cut-to-Size (CTS)
    • Strap Thickness: 4.0 to 3.3mm
    • Clasp Type: CTS Deployant Clasp

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Prateek (Brentwood, US)
    Great Option, Especially in Summer

    The fit can be a little tougher than OEM and sizing can be a little nerve wracking (protip: read the ENTIRE page before attempting since wrists are NOT symmetrical). The black rubber is subtle and can be worn during the day and evening and is a treat in these warmer/humid months.

    Ali (New York, US)
    Fantastic material; wish the buckle was more robust

    As advertised, the FKM rubber is soft yet not sticky, strong yet pliable, and looks really good. The clasp mechanism is solid, I just wish its buckle were a little more solid, without having a bigger footprint. Overall, I'd recommend this strap, and would purchase it with normal springbars in the future.

    Ken (Rancho Cucamonga, US)
    Cartier Santos Medium CTS Strap

    Love it. Great addition to my Cartier Santos Medium

    dennis h. (Austin, US)
    Product Didn't Fit

    Unfortunately the strap doesn't snap into place for me so they're useless. Waste of money.

    Hideki S. (Gifu, JP)
    full of anxiety

    There are many gaps between the quick change part and body.
    Not a firm fit.
    The part of the interlock is considerably thinner than genuine.
    The quick change part protrudes and create a step.
    With a slight force, the interlock comes off and the belt can be removed easily.
    In short word, not safe.