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Bargain Bin: May 20

These straps were samples that didn't make the cut due to poorer quality than what we accept. The quality of the leather is the same as normal straps, construction is also equally robust. The problems are all cosmetic, and some might not even have a problem (we're just clearing stock). If you are looking to try out Delugs straps or explore different colours, these straps are perfect for that!

Some problems include:

  1. Indentations on the leather. Caused when there is pressure applied on a single spot on the leather.
  2. Scratches on the leather. Caused by the sharp end of threads scratching against the leather surface during transportation and storage.
  3. Loose grain. Where the leather used for the strap is less than ideal and results in some wrinkling.

The straps are split into 3 categories based on their quality.

  • Cat A (30% off): Small flaws, not very noticeable when the strap is worn.
  • Cat B (45% off): A few more issues. More noticeable but not jarring.
  • Cat C (60% off): Very noticeable cosmetic issues.

Note: discount codes cannot be used on these straps, unless it is a store-wide discount.

No. Style Leather Colour Lug Width (Lug/Buckle) Size (Long End/Short End) Thread Colour Edge Colour Remarks Category Price
1 Side-Stitch Chromexcel Olive Green 18-16 105/65 Khaki Match Padded Cat A $56.00
2 Slim Shell Cordovan Green 18-16 105/65 Match Match Cat A $70.00
3 Slim Epsom Red 20-18 105/70 White Match Cat A $66.50
4 Signature Chromexcel Whiskey 20-18 115/70 Khaki Match Cat A $56.00
5 Signature Chromexcel Natural 20-18 115/70 Cream Match Cat A $56.00
6 Signature Pueblo Olive Green 20-18 115/70 White Match Cat B $40.00
7 Signature Pueblo Cognac 20-18 115/70 White Match Cat B $40.00
8 Two-Tone Rally Epsom Light Blue/White 20-18 115/70 Cream White Stain on leather Cat B $57.75
9 Signature Alligator Glossy Grey 20-18 120/70 Match Match Cat A $108.50
10 Signature Alligator (Flank) Glossy Green 20-18 115/70 Yellow Match Slightly larger than 20mm Cat A $108.50
11 Signature Shell Cordovan Navy 21-18 115/70 Match Match Cat A $70.00
12 Signature Waxed Camouflage Green 21-18 115/70 Cream Grey Slightly larger than 21mm Cat A $56.00
13 Signature Barenia Tan 23-18 105/65 Match Match Stain on leather Cat B $44.00

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