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Watch straps are our core product, and we are extremely proud of the straps we make. Each strap is handcrafted by our highly skilled leathercrafters. When you purchase a strap from us, you can be confident that it is made to last, just like your watch.

But I'm not here to talk just in general terms. I want to show you the qualities that make some straps better than the others, so that when you look at watch straps from other makers, you are able to evaluate on your own terms whether the strap is well-crafted, and not leave it to their word.

You will see the following features that are present in all our watch straps. Features that make these straps worthy of your watch.

Saddle Stitch

Painted Edges

Zermatt Lining

Quick Release Spring Bars

And we saved the best for the last. This is something we are super proud of and if you're a strap geek like me, you'll definitely appreciate this.

All of our straps come with quick release spring bars, even those with curved lugs, at no extra charges! This makes it super easy to change out your strap - you don't have to use any tools to do so, which means you won't scratch the lugs on your watches. No more lugs should be scratched!

If they do get damaged and the quick release knob comes off, it will still function like a normal spring bar. And you can replace the QR spring bars on your own at home without any special tools. We sell spare QR spring bars here.