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We sell many different styles of watch straps and it may be hard to keep track of how they are all different from each other. Here's a quick rundown of their key features.

Do note that strap styles are a highly personal thing - what works for you might not work for someone else. Hence we do not have a definite suggestion on what style you should get. We hope that the photos and description will give you a better idea!

If you have any suggestions on styles we should make, please get in touch and let us know!


Our Signature style is the classic, quintessential watch strap that comes stock on most watches. Fully stitched all along the perimeter of the strap, tapered padding, fully lining and finished edges. Due to the padding, these straps are typically stiffer initially, but quickly wear in with just a few hours of wear. The padding gives the strap a sturdier feel. Signature straps pair best with watches of a moderate thickness.

Thickness: 4.5mm tapered to 2mm

Stitching: All around, 2.7mm width Thread: 0.35mm linen thread

Buckle/Strap Holes: Regular buckle / Round strap hole


Our Slim style is almost identical to the Signature style with one key difference: no padding. The strap is uniformly thin throughout, which makes it very soft and pliable from Day 1 with no break-in required. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and suitable for watches that have a thinner profile and for vintage watches.

Thickness: 2.2mm

Stitching: All around, 2.7mm width

Thread: 0.35mm linen thread

Buckle/Strap Holes: Regular buckle / Round strap hole


Side-Stitch style does not have stitching running down the sides. Instead, stitching is used selectively at critical stress points (lug area, buckle area) to ensure that the strap is still structurally good to wear for the long term. Unlike some of the minimal stitching styles on the market, our Side-Stitch style still has lining leather as it gives a certain structure to the strap and prevents it from becoming too floppy with use.

Thickness: 2.2mm

Stitching: At the sides only

Thread: 0.55mm linen thread

Buckle/Strap Holes: Regular buckle / Round strap hole


As the name suggests, our Chunky style is for larger watches. We created this strap to pair with divers, Panerai, Bell & Ross watches that require a heftier strap to go with the hefty cases of those watches. We prefer to craft Chunky styles with veg-tan leather that have a rustic vibe.

Thickness: 3.0mm

Stitching: All round, 3.85mm width

Thread: 0.55mm linen thread

Buckle/Strap Holes: Wide buckle / Oval strap hole

Two-Tone Rally

We wanted to have a little fun and play with colours, and the Two-tone Rally style was born. The idea is to have two colours present on the strap. The primary colour would be the colour of the top leather, while the secondary colour would be the colour of the stitching, padding, keeper and edge paint. Unlike a normal Rally strap, the holes do not go all the way through the strap. Instead, they are only present on the top leather, showcasing the padding colour underneath.

Thickness: 4.5mm tapered to 2mm.

Stitching: All round, 2.7mm.

Thread: 0.35mm linen thread

Buckle/Strap Holes: Regular buckle / Round strap hole