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Strap Guide written by @thespeedyshutter.

Strap Guide written by @olli.ver.

Hi, I'm Oliver (@olli.ver) and I would like to showcase this “ladies' watch“. Yes, you might have heard of it, the Kurono Tokyo Seiji was intended to be a watch just for female customers. But after some time Kurono Tokyo decided to offer it to everyone who's interested or at least 500 people that are interested. Because it's limited to this amount of pieces. And thank god, that was a good decision!

It's just a really great mixture of a dresser and so-called “summer-watch“. I mean, 37mm case, turquoise dial, only 7mm thin, and it goes really well with different straps.

But to keep it short and simple and not to bore you with too many words we should start into the setups with some different straps. Here we go!

Strap Guide written by @samsveblenianobsession

​​IWC has a long history making Pilot watches, also known as a “Flieger”, which is German for “Airman”.    From the use of their fliegers in WWII to the development of the “Mark” line for the British RAF, IWC's credentials in producing these watches is undeniable.  

The “Top Gun” is a variant of the current Mark XVIII line and is cased in ceramic opposed to its traditional stainless steel.  In my opinion, it updates and modernizes the traditional flieger aesthetic, creating a sleek, versatile, and well-rounded watch.  While the black ceramic naturally lends itself to a sporty appeal, given the right strap, the watch spruces up surprisingly well, making it very fitting for everyday wear. Of course, dressing the watch to meet different circumstances requires a good watch strap, and thanks to Ken and the good people at Delugs, I have a lot of great options.