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Prism Trio - Grey/Dark Green

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If you are looking for a compact, fuss-free and secure way to store your timepiece, your search is over! Show up at your next gathering with your watch collection in one of these bad boys, and watch as your buddies ask you where this case is from. 

We brought together the best features of all the watch rolls on the market today, and merged them into what we think is the perfect case to store and display up to 3 watches:⁠

  1. Protects your watches. That's the baseline.
  2. Showcase your watches for all to see. Perfect for photography too!
  3. Have independent access to each of your watch
  4. Fits a range of wrist sizes, including small wrists⁠ (we've tried up to 5.75 inch / 14.5cm) using our compressible pillows.
  5. Anti-roll with the hexagon-shaped design, so your watch case will not roll around as you are using it⁠
  6. The Roof lays flat to provide a scratch-free work surface⁠ to place your watches

The Prism is sized to fit watches with case size up to 54mm (including the crown), so you can fit anything from your Rolex Datejust to Panerai inside this case. And did I already mention that the Prism pillows are compressible and designed to fit smaller wrists, so there's no need to worry about it stretching your strap or bracelet?

Dimensions: 21.5cm x 9.3cm x 8.6cm (LxWxH)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Li W.H. (Taipei, TW)

Prism Trio - Grey/Dark Green

wing (Tai Kok Tsui, HK)
v1 might be better

as 3 sides are stitched, the case doesnt open fully and have to pull out the 3watches abit in order to show all 3 watches.

Marko N. (Belgrade, RS)
Great design, but some QC issues

I bought three prism boxes. The design is very good, but there are few things that I didn’t like. First of all, on one prism, one snap button came without spring inside, so it is not working. The lid cover should be wider so there isn’t any gap on the back, on all three boxes. And third, the pillows are filled with some kind of material that make plastic noise when you squeeze them.

Vincent C. (Sydney, AU)
Great but disappointing in some areas

This is my one month use review, which I have been meaning to do for a while. I thought that by using the watch roll consistently for one month, it would give me the most accurate view and response.

Lets begin with the rating because I feel like the 4 stars I have on it isn't wholeheartedly true. I would give this watch roll a solid 3.8 stars, no more and no less.

There are many things I love about this watch roll. The design of it, the utilitarian side of it, the hexagonal shape which prevents the watch roll from sliding around, the color way of the watch roll, the feel of the outside and the alcantara feel of the cover, the sturdy protection it provides for my watch.

However, there are also a few things where I think Ken dropped the ball. Firstly, lets begin with the waiting time, which I agree, I shouldn't be too hard on Ken given the whole Covid situation but I ordered the watch roll on the 2nd of December and it did not arrive until the 4th of Jan. Just a tad over a month but most importantly it was a Christmas gift for myself, which didn't come on time. Second downside is the quality of the watch roll. If you are a watch aficionado like me, you'd be well aware that there is a much much more expensive but similar alternative to the prism, sported by one of the well known individual in the watch world. I personally couldn't justify paying over 1K+ for a watch roll and hence this why I went with the prism. Although cheaper than its competitors, it is still rather costly and this is where I feel the quality of the watch roll differentiated with its price point. I have attached some pictures below, describing the finishing of certain parts of the watch roll, such as the cushion inside the watch rolls feels plastic when compressed and made some noticeable rustling noise, which I'm sure it is from the plastic lining on the inside; the cushions are slightly off centered and some slide out easier than other; the roll also doesn't close perfectly when buttoned up; the stitching is off also on some areas; the fabric lining is starting to wear out after just one month of use.

This is my first time ordering from Delugs and I'd be back again, not because the product left me speechless (it was pretty good but things could be better) but because of the after sales customer service I have received from Ken. He could have very well not responded to any of my emails enquiring about the status of my order because my money is in his hands already. But he took the time to respond to me and assured me that my order is on the way and that he is sorry for the inconveniences he has caused me.

There are many that sell the same products but I think it's the service that differentiates them.

Paul S. (Burwood, AU)
I'm happy with it.

Note, my review was originally posted in the facebook group 'Australian Watch Forum'. I wasn't paid for it, just posted to help others decide. Reposting it here as requested:

1. Watches slide out independently whilst others remain secured in place.
2. Each single watch roll can squeeze to accommodate bracelets sized for small wrists. On other watch rolls, the watches felt strained when closing the clasps, since the rolls were too thick.
3. Thick dividing walls safely and completely separates each watch
4. Padded mat is nice to have to lay out a watch (changing watches or straps etc)
5. When snapped shut with 4 buttons, watches are snug and secure with no wobbling inside.
6. Many selectable colorways
7. Fast shipping via DHL express from Singapore, took 2 days to AU.
8. $287.57 is a fair price in my opinion. This is what I paid during the Black Friday sale

1. Had to wait for it to be made, no ready to ship stock. This may have just been due to the Christmas rush, not sure.

Thanks Paul for the review. Yes, the case was back-ordered then and hence took a while to ship out. All cases are now restocked and can be sent out immediately upon order. Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad that you are enjoying the case!