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Horween Chromexcel Signature

Our Horween Chromexcel Signature collection is the most popular in our lineup. Why? Simply put, when you make a signature style in a top-in-class leather, you're bound to get a winner.

Horween Chromexcel is the stuff of legends. When people say leather, Chromexcel is the image that pops up in your head and Horween is the tannery that you think of. Beautiful grain, smooth texture, rich colours, patina potential and that pull-up effect. It starts off looking good, and only gets better from there.

Delugs' Horween Chromexcel Signature straps are the most well-made, fairly priced genuine leather straps you can find on the market today. They are 100% handcrafted (including handstitched!) from start to finish. No BS here, when we say handcrafted, we mean handcrafted. They look great, feel great, and most importantly, they smell great. It is the best leather strap that your watch deserves.