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Two Prong Spring Bar Tool - Basic

Need a spring bar to remove the bracelet currently on your watch to put on a Delugs Strap? We got you.

The basic two prong spring bar tool allows you to grasp both ends of the lug pins at the same time, which makes it so much easier to remove bracelets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not wide enough, product description needs more details

The two prong spring bar tool should be useful, but is not wide enough on its own to reach both ends of my 19mm spring bars. I had to manually force/exert the two ends apart to make it reach, which then made it harder to use, defeating the purpose of using it to make things easier. I don't think I will be using it again as my watch straps are 19mm/20mm in width. It would be better if the product description specified the spread of the prongs to help other potential buyers make the decision. Also, it would be better to have the prongs wider apart to begin with as it is easier to squeeze them together than to pull them apart.

Edited to add: I reached out to Ken (as I had received a follow up email inviting me to provide him feedback, which I felt was a nice touch) with the same information as I wrote above, and only received a “sorry, and thanks for the feedback” response, without any offer of a refund or exchange at the very least. I’m a bit disappointed that this is the way he chose to respond to earnest feedback, and where I previously had thought I had found a go to watch strap source, I doubt that I will be buying from this site again.

Edit 2: Edit 2: Ken reached out again and offered a 30% refund on the tool, which I found to be fair enough. I will be considering buying from Delugs again.


Great quality and price!


Amazing quality and great job

Does the job

Can't complain-works just as advertised!